A couple get into an argument at their cocktail party that escalates until it brings an abrupt end to the festivities. They and their guests decide to re-create the entire night again and again to determine who was right.

Chuck says:

This oddball comedy takes some time to find its footing as director Robert Schwartzman takes far too long to establish the premise. However, once the rules of this game – and that’s exactly what this is- are set, they yield comic gold as one uncomfortable situation after another generates big laughs. The cast is game, as they uniformly overplay things to humorous effect, while the script by Zac Stanford becomes more inventive as the film progresses. This one rewards your patience.

Pam says:

Stanford creates a brilliantly funny script from which the actors work. It’s a masterpiece in storytelling utilizing small casts, skillful editing, dexterous direction, and of course the actors’ polished performances.

Check out the review in its entirety on my site, Reel Honest Reviews: http://reelhonestreviews.com/the-argument-a-relatable-and-tension-filled-comedy/




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