The Story of Chuck Koplinski and Pamela Powell

Chuck’s version:

It all started at the screening for The Legend of Tarzan. I was sitting on the aisle, when the luminous Pam Powell asked if the seat next to me was taken.  It wasn’t, she sat down, small talk was made, commonalities were found and a partnership was born.


Pam’s version:

Arriving early, as usual, to a screening of some superhero film, the lights went down and the film began only to be distracted by a man searching for a seat.  Complaining about traffic making him late, I offered my understanding, both of us traveling more than an hour to do what we love.  A friendship and partnership began, but I’m still always early.


The Full Story:

With Chuck’s knowledge of film history and Pam’s awareness of independent and foreign film, the duo found that they were able to provide a comprehensive view of modern cinema as well as its vast history in reviewing contemporary films. While there are occasions where they do agree, their differing perspectives lead them to often disagree about what they see, leading spirited discussions about which of today’s movies have merit and what they mean.


Both members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and Chicago Film Critics Association, Chuck and Pam appear each week on WCIA-TV and 94.5 FM to offer up their reviews. Though they disagree strongly about The Mule and On the Basis of Sex, they still manage to sit in the same room together, a testament to their strong friendship and the “mutual” respect they have for each other.

  • Chuck Koplinski Co-Founder / Writer

    After having studied cinema at Columbia College in Chicago, Chuck has been reviewing films for various Central Illinois publications for over 25 years, including the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette and Springfield’s Illinois Times. A member of Rotten Tomatoes, the Broadcast Film Critics Association and Chicago Film Critic’s Association, he has a weekly film segment on WCIA-TV Channel and MIX 94.5 FM with Pam Powell.

  • Pamela Powell Co-Founder / Writer

    New York native film critic Pamela Powell now resides near Chicago where she has been reviewing big blockbuster films as well as independent gems for the last 10+ years.

    With a graduate degree from Northwestern in Speech-Language Pathology, she has tailored her writing, observational, and evaluative skills to encompass all aspects of film. With a focus on women in film, Pamela also gravitates toward films that are eye-opening, educational, and entertaining with the hopes of making this world a better place. Pamela has raised her two now-grown children, travels to film festivals around the world and makes time to backpack and travel to reconnect with nature.

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