Two college friends, now in their thirties, admire each other’s lives and feel trapped in their own. Wes, tied to a demanding career and responsibilities to family, extends a work trip to drag his dispirited artist friend Luke to find Luke’s “one that got away”.

Chuck says:

When a family man (Tommy Dewey) recognizes his best friend (Francois Arnaud) from college is in a slump, he convinces him to travel up the California coast in search of the one that got away. But when the road starts to wind, they’re forced to confront their own life choices before it’s too late to change course. Marc Carlina’s dramedy plays like a low budget version of Alexander Payne’s “Sideways,” and while it may be derivative in nature, the camaraderie Dewey and Arnaud generate keeps our interest throughout, as does the sharply written script. Heartfelt and not without its surprises, this is a film that ultimately delivers much more than expected. 3 Stars. Not Rated. 100 minutes.

Pam says:

This is an unexpected gem of a buddy road trip film.  Accentuating the difficulties in adulthood seen through Wes (Tommy Dewey) and Luke’s (Fancois Arnaud) eyes as they travel the Pacific Coast Highway to find a long-lost love, skeleton’s in each of their closets are revealed to one another.  Meeting unique characters along the way provides the opportunities to discover what’s happened over the last 10 or so years, but it also gives the writer a way to inject a bit of humor as well.  This is a true indie with lead actors who elevate the story and our connection with it.  Beautifully shot and written, this homage to the coastal byway and our changing friendships is a love story like no other.  3 Stars

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