Erica, who ends up as the entertainment at her ex-fiancé’s wedding after reluctantly taking a gig at a luxurious island resort while in the wake of a music career meltdown.

Pam says:

Christina Milian stars as Erica, an up and coming singer who just can’t get a break.  Just when things look most promising, a dark cloud rolls in to squash her dreams from coming true in both her career and her love life.  All of this happens in the first few minutes of the film and while we feel for Erica, we can’t help but laugh at how the events go down.  Her best friend and social media guru (Tymberlee Hill) convinces Erica to take a gig in a tropical paradise only to find that she will be singing for her ex-fiance’s wedding.  It’s a comedy of errors, miscommunications, and cover ups that lead to farcical situations that, while they are certainly over-the-top, they are still quite entertaining.

The story has been done countless times, but the characters in this film make it feel brand new.  Milian carries the film with her girl-next-door charisma and with the supporting casts’ ability to embrace their extreme personalities and run with it, you’ll find yourself immersed in this convoluted and crazy love story.

Set in beautiful Port Louis, Mauritius, it’s a travel ad that will make you want to book your next vacation abroad in this tropical paradise.  While the story itself is a predictable one—girl gets dumped, boy has regrets, girl meets new boy and has to make a decision—it’s also a fun, high-energy, film filled with music and lively characters.  In other words, it’s total escapism.

3 Stars


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