A teenage delinquent teams up with a surly children’s party magician to navigate her dysfunctional family and inner demons.

Pam says:

After seeing this engagingly magical teen film at Sundance, I’m excited for audiences everywhere to now be able to watch it.  Kate Tsang writes and directs Miya Cech in the lead role as Sammy, an angry young girl who is dealing with the tragic loss of her mother and her inability to move forward.  Meeting the equally cantankerous yet sympathetic Margot (Rhea Perlman), a children’s magician, the two form an unlikely bond which allows Sammy to grow and see the world a little differently.

Cech, only 12 at the time of filming, handles the lead with absolute ease.  She finds her character’s tenacity and strength, honing her complex emotional volatility to connect us with Sammy.  While our heart breaks for her situation, we long for her to find a better path and this is where Margot enters.  She has also suffered tragedies in her life, and takes it upon herself to help Sammy grow and learn using a few magic tricks of her own.  And Perlman is enjoying every minute of this film, her intuitive reactions create an authentic relationship with Cech.  While some of the scenes feel a little contrived in Sammy’s family situation, these are situations that many kids who have lost a parent can easily relate, helping the story move forward.

Tsang’s message is overt, but never heavy-handed, allowing both teens and adults to enjoy the slight of hand while we take home a few valuable lessons.  With humor and heart, “Marvelous” is simply that, marvelous.

3 stars

Check out Pam’s interview with Cech on WCIA TV here:

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