Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) is attacked at random on the street. He enlists at a local dojo, led by a charismatic and mysterious sensei, in an effort to learn how to defend himself.

Chuck says: Obviously inspired by “Fight Club,” this film charts goes its own way by charting Casey’s vulnerability to the sort of toxic masculinity that is far too common today, dispensed by the Sensei (Alessandro Nivola) of the dojo our hero joins. Genuinely funny in the darkest way imaginable, the movie pulls no punches in the way it skewers our society’s embrace of a macho mindset and the people who fall under its sway. Solid performances and a very surprising third act make this one and unexpected winner.

Pam says: This certainly was an unexpected dark comedy/thriller!  Eisenberg shines in his role as the pencil-pushing introvert who has been and is continued to be bullied.  His measured, methodically speech adds precision to his portrayal of “Casey” in this film, initially an quirky yet sometimes jarring story, but it quickly becomes shockingly horrific, going down a very surprising path.  Relatable, believe it or not, and entertaining, the film also captures society’s view of women, equality, and overall supremacy in unique ways.  Nivola stands out in his performance as well, confirming that he is a remarkably skilled actor, adding credibility and authenticity to anything he is in.

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