A woman working at her father’s record store in Harlem in the late 1950s meets an aspiring saxophone player.

Pam says:

This is a classic love story set in the atmospheric and romantic period of the 1950’s, New York City.  The film harkens us back to an age where music was the heart and soul of America and two people find love and lose their one true love. Starring Tessa Thompson as Sylvie, a young woman working in her father’s record store, and Nnamdi Asomugha as Robert, an aspiring jazz saxophonist, the two have a magical attraction to one another but of course, Sylvie’s already engaged.  That, however, doesn’t keep the two of them apart which creates turmoil at home and then, years later, the ramifications are substantial.

This is a predictable love story with an ending that is disappointing, but the beauty of the era driven by the gorgeous and sultry music and magnetic chemistry between Thompson and Asomugha keep you interested.  “Sylvie’s Love” tackles a few issues in refreshing ways including race and gender stereotypes, but, unfortunately, this homage to classic Hollywood love stories just doesn’t have any twists or turns to surprise you.

2 1/2  Stars

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