In 1989, a Canadian journalist investigates the circumstances surrounding the suspicious arrest of a heroin addict imprisoned in a Thai jail.

Chuck says:

Based on a true story, this complex story tells three parallel stories that ultimately converge to tell a tale of government corruption, dogged investigative reporting and unexpected redemption. Writer/director Daniel Roby does a masterful job of keeping the trio of plot-lines clear, allowing the viewer to become engrossed in this extraordinary story.

Pam says:

“Most Wanted” is a brilliantly multilayered story in a subtly stylized 1989 setting  which doesn’t miss a single thread in stitching it together.   It’s a compelling, complex, and captivating mystery thriller that makes use of all 2 hours+ time that will be at the top of my 2020 film list.  Full review coming in The Daily Journal

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