Mindy Kaling writes and stars in this comedic drama depicting a late-night talk show host, Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) who suspects that she may soon be losing her long-running show.

Pam says: This is immediately as funny as it is charming while still calling attention to  current underlying social issues.  Kaling is extraordinary in her ability to deftly portray a variety of characters in her writing while executing a rather complex depiction of a woman in a “man’s world” on screen. Not shying away from stereotypes and calling others out for following the status quo, it’s a film that is hilarious from start to finish, allowing not only Kaling to shine, but Thompson as well.  “Late Night” is a well-rounded film with characters you care about and a solid narrative arc to keep you engaged the entire time.  With two female leads, this is a refreshing look at comedy in our world today.

Chuck says: While the story is solid and the acting quite good, there’s something missing here as Kaling’s script proves a bit more predictable than it should. There’s no denying the energy the cast brings to the material that perhaps makes it seem better than it really is.  Without question, there are some genuinely funny moments and the interaction between the two stars is very good.  Seems as though this could have used one more rewrite to be have been completely successful.

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