Sebastian Lelio directs an American remake of his former film “Gloria” (2013) starring Julianne Moore as Gloria Bell, a free-spirited woman in her 50’s who seeks out love at L.A. dance clubs.

Pam says:  Immediately, you question the era thanks to the music and the setting only to find that it’s the current day.  Gloria is attempting to find happiness in a lonely world and the dating scene is filled with suitors hauling more baggage than expected as she meets Arnold (John Turturro).  Moore has an articulate and authentic performance as the 50-something attempting to live and love life—whether she truly does love it is another question.  There’s an element of sadness to Gloria as she tries with all her heart to find happiness within herself.  The story has a couple of inexplicable situations and the pace is rather slow, but overall it has substance and creates characters that aren’t typically seen in leading roles.

Chuck says:  Serving as one of the film’s producers, Moore gives herself a plumb role that allows herself to shine, bringing to life this lonely woman who desperately seeks not just a partner but purpose in her later years.  The actress effectively conveys her feelings of isolation with a small glance or crooked forced smile that is heartbreaking. We struggle and hope with her every step of the way on her journey, while John Turturro manages to get us to sympathize with his flawed character, a flawed man very much like Gloria, who allows guilt to rule his life.


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