Thrown off a popular reality show in disgrace, unemployed real estate agent Madi Cooke (Kat Foster), teams with a group of misfit tennis players in a do-or-die match against Bobbi Mason (Georgia King)–an overachieving, tightly wound, real estate shark–and her tennis-playing minions.

Pam says: “First One In” is an over-the-top and incredibly fun film  as it exemplifies women’s relationships, our competitiveness, and the importance of friendship all within the sport of tennis.  Gina O’Brien writes and directs Kat Foster as Madi, a struggling realtor who, after a hilarious stint on a “Survivor” type of reality show, kills an endangered animal and must now figure out how to rise above the ridicule.  Foster finds heart within this crazy character who is balanced by her tennis compadres Jane (Catherine Curtin), CeeCee (Emy Coligado), Preeti (Aneesh Sheth), and Valentina (Karina Arroyave), all lead by a sweet but frustrated tennis coach Fernando (Josh Segarra).  Within each of these characters we can either see ourselves or one of our friends, allowing us to laugh and connect with them as they grow and support one another.  Georgia King’s performance steals the show as the uptight Bobbi, successful realtor and intimidating boss.

I loved every minute of the chaos and turmoil which doesn’t take itself seriously, yet finds a way to pull at your heartstrings and remind us to lift one another.  With a great story arc, “First One In” is an ace!  And be sure to watch the credits for a bonus!  Now streaming on all digital platforms.

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