A normal father’s family life is turned upside down when his son discovers he has another family.

Pam says:

Jim Gaffigan shows us he can do both comedy and drama in this crazy film about lies begetting lies and the love a  child for his father.  Seemingly preposterous, the events of discovery unfold to somehow become rational in this well-balanced film.  Gaffigan creates a character who we want to love and root for, but we know we shouldn’t and we become as conflicted as Frank!  Logan Miller has a standout performance as Phillip, Frank’s (Gaffigan) son, as the anxious and confused teen who’s attempting to stand on his own two feet.  This is a fun film that has all the right hooks, although many are predictable, it’s a story that you have to find out how it ends.  And that just might be the best surprise.

Chuck says:

A delightful look at one man’s efforts to have it all, and the unintended disaster that follows, Gaffigan has never been better as the well-intentioned, but all too human Frank. The script walks a fine line with this premise that effectively veers between comedy and pathos and director Miranda Bailey handles this tricky material with aplomb. Funny and poignant, her deft touch is vital to the film’s success as is Gaffigan’s performance that manages to make a potentially unlikable character, sympathetic.

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