Dramatization of the little known side of the writer Emily Dickinson’s life, in particular her relationship with another woman.

Chuck says: Madeleine Olnek’s look at Emily Dickinson and her rumored affair with her sister-in-law Susan (Susan Ziegler) is an unexpectedly sardonic film that combines fact with speculation, all through a parodic lens that proves refreshing.  Molly Shannon takes the sort of quirky approach you’d expect from her as Dickinson, seeing her as a sometimes clueless, self-absorbed author who longs to be published and has the conviction to stay true to her convictions.  That she’s lacking in social graces provides the movie its humor while her portrayal of the author’s loneliness lends it poignancy. A surprise throughout, this one is worth seeking out.

Pam says: Olnek’s version is a surprising and welcomed one as we see who Emily Dickenson may have been.  In fact, while it is humorous and quirky, there’s a level of sincerity that puts all the pieces of her personality puzzle together with ease.  Her brilliance is evidenced in her poetry, but it’s brought to life in this story as it reflects the person she likely was.  Molly Shannon is perfectly suited in this role finding depth and clarity in portraying a woman we only previously vaguely knew.  Susan Ziegler and Shannon have a chemistry and love that shines on screen, adding to the credibility of this possible storyline.  “Wild Nights with Emily” is a refreshing take on what was previously thought to be a dull life filled with regrets and an inability to enjoy it.

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