Dan Gilroy (“Nightcrawler”) writes and directs this all-star cast in a supernatural thriller with a touch of comedy.  When a new artist is discovered, the supernatural forces behind the paintings deliver a vengeful punishment for all who greedily benefit from it.  

Pam says it starts off pretty slow as we are introduced to all the over-the-top characters involved in this gruesome tale.  Once the heart of the story is exposed, the pace picks up and it becomes a “Twilight Zone” style of story.  The touch of comedy needed a bit of a punch, but this film is creatively and skillfully shot, bringing us into the picture and feeling a part of the story. The premise is familiar, but with the outlandish characters, it’s worth it in the end.

Chuck says that this film is an utter bore.  While the cast – including Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo and John Malkovich- does a fine job and seem to be having fun playing the pretentious bores they’ve been assigned, the story simply goes no where.  Even by supernatural standards, the premise makes little sense, while Gilroy provides little in the way of style or energy.


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