Chuck says:

Though it was achieved under tragic circumstances, Hollywood got its wish last year. The relationship between movie studios and those that exhibit their wares has always been contentious, a situation of dominance for the Tinsel Town titans who have the liberty to set the terms of how much of each ticket sold they take and who gets to show their films. Obviously, the terms were always couched in their favor, but taking up to 70% of the box office at times and demanding that movie chains show their films a minimum of times a day during the first week of their release was never enough for them. Never mind that the major theater chains – AMC, Regal, Cinemark – have been in financial trouble for years due to these Draconian terms. Warner Brothers, Disney, Paramount and their brethren have always been looking for a way to squeeze every last dime out of exhibitors and bypass them.

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Pam says:

It’s been a strange year in movies as it has been with everything else. Films from major studios held their releases, hoping for theaters to reopen so that patrons could enjoy them the way the filmmakers envisioned.

Late releases – aka Oscar hopefuls – pushed their openings to 2021 and others took a chance and went the VOD (Video On Demand) route. Then the rules of the Academy Awards qualifications changed, studios began to revamp their business models and the world of filmmaking may be forever changed.

However, within all of this chaos, independent films get a chance to shine and with 2020 coming to an end (thank goodness), there’s plenty of wonderful movies, both big and small, to celebrate. And with that, here are my top 10 films I had the pleasure to see in 2020.

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