After a break up, a young woman decides to start a gallery where people can leave trinkets from past relationships.

Chuck says: An excerpt from the News-Gazette:

The success of the movie is in doubt early on as you can tell why Lucy has suffered so many heartbreaks, while Viswanathan and Montgomery generate little in the way of chemistry. Initially, our heroine is far from appealing, a self-indulgent sad sack who’s incessant talking would test Job.  And while Krinsky is guilty of sticking to a formula, the relationship she pens for the two leads is surprisingly fresh. Stumbling out of the gate, the film rights itself in the end thanks in large part to the game cast which is skilled enough to bring a sense of charm to the stereotypes they’ve been saddled with.

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Pam says:  An excerpt from Reel Honest Reviews:

“The Broken Hearts Gallery,” like all rom-coms, isn’t meant to be real. It’s what fairy tales are made of and it’s pure escapism. While the running time is a bit long, the story does take all the expected turns while we laugh and chuckle along the way, rooting for Lucy to make the right choices and live happily every after.

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