Morgan Spurlock reignites his battle with the food industry – this time from behind the register – as he opens his own fast food restaurant.

Pam says:  If Morgan Spurlock dissuaded you from eating McDonald’s thanks to his first documentary “Super Size Me,” guess what!  Thanks to “Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken,” you’ll never want to buy chicken or eat  at a fast food place ever again.  The filmmaker uncovers the secret recipe to the fast food industry: marketing.  Fried = Crispy.  He defines a new term: Health Halo.  It’s all a mirage of marketing and no one better to let you in on that secret than Spurlock.  But the “fun” doesn’t stop there.  He delves deeply into the matter and discovers who’s really paying the price.  And you thought Big Oil was powerful. Wait till you meet Big Chicken!  Of course, Spurlock makes this film incredibly entertaining as he seeks to build his own fast food chicken restaurant that gives the illusion of a healthier choice.  But more than that, he creates a personal story as we meet regular people trying to make ends meet and the farmers who are responsible for putting food on our table.

Looks like my food repertoire is getting smaller and smaller, but with knowledge comes power and perhaps Spurlock’s newest film can give us all the power to make better, more informed decisions.

Chuck says: Timely, smart and pointed, Spurlock takes no prisoners in his latest expose on the fast food industry, this time focusing primarily on the harvesting of chicken.  Not only does the film pull back the curtain on how one large conglomerate controls the entire poultry industry but it also delves into the hypocrisy of the Food and Drug Administration and its many loopholes that allow manufacturers and restaurants to mislead the public into thinking they are getting a fresher, more wholesome product than they are.

Most damning is the film’s third act, which tells the plight of the modern American chicken farmer who’s prevented from getting out of debt due to the Draconian methods of the Chicken conglomerate, which insures that they remain under their thumb for life.  Spurlock’s final dig at the industry, when he opens his own fast food chicken restaurant, is inspired and will hopefully prompt others to act.  A must-see for anyone who eats.


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