Geoffrey Rush and Finn Little star in this retelling of Colin Theile’s Australian tale of a man’s recollection of his boyhood, saving an orphaned pelican and fighting for protection of their land.

Pam says: What a beautiful, heartbreaking tale that’s perfect for young teens to adults as the messages within create an understanding and a dialogue about love, greed, the environment, and respect.  The non-linear time line adds an interesting perspective to the story allowing us to see and sympathize more completely with Tom “Storm Boy” (Rush) as an older man with regrets in life and a chance to turn things in a new direction as he connects with his distraught granddaughter.  Little is a new face to the filmmaking world and will certainly not be a stranger based on his complicated portrayal of young Tom.

Chuck says: An unexpectedly moving tale about the importance of familial ties as well as the need for environmental regulations and preservation. Little gives an exceptional performance as the young “Storm Boy,” getting solid support from Jai Courtney as his single father.  The film deals with weighty emotional issues and the unexpected sacrifices that are sometimes necessary to maintain and protect what’s truly important. Great period details and use of the Australian location.  A well-done film that never overplays its hand, this is a perfect family film.

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