A comedy about the unlikely friendship that kindles between a struggling stand-up comedian (Ben Schwartz) from L.A., forced to move back home to Eastern Long Island with his tail between his legs, and a tragically flawed, but charming and charismatic, alcoholic dermatologist (Billy Crystal). Discovering to be kindred spirits, each helps the other find healing, in addition to the confidence to face the “failures” in their lives.

Chuck says:

An unexpected delight, this modest movie is buoyed by the charming performances from the two leads as well as a sincerity that helps the rather cliched moments seem fresh.  The film’s comedic scenes develop organically and never seem contrived while director Matt Ratner’s deft touch ensures that the poignant moments never smack of insincerity.  This is a quiet, assured film that confidentially delivers its message, knowing it doesn’t have to shout in order to get its point across.  A pleasant surprise.

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