A female WWII pilot (Chloe Grace Moretz) traveling with top secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress encounters an evil presence on board the flight.

Chuck says:

Director Roseanne Liang’s horror-thriller is an absolute mess of conflicting tones that longs to combine the elements of The Twilight Zone and an old-time radio play to astoundingly dull effect. The entire film rests on Moretz’s shoulders as she’s the only performer on screen for the bulk of the movie’s running time and while she does her level-best to convince us she’s fighting a benevolent gremlin while shepherding a precious cargo, the inanity of the script undercuts her best efforts. Had Liang adapted a no-holds-barred, looney approach, this may have been a comic-thriller in the best Joe Dante tradition. Instead, what we get is a rudderless movie that stumbles and lurches along, one you’ll be happy to see come to an end…if you last that long.

1 Star

Pam says:

What promise this film had in the beginning as it unabashedly borrows from “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” aka episode 123 of “Twilight Zone.”  Chloe Grace Moretz portrays Maude Garrett who finds herself stuck in the ball turret of a WWII plane flying over enemy territory.  Her reasons for boarding the plane are unclear, but she has a package that must be guarded at all times.  The onslaught of harassment she endures is cringeworthy, but she’s tough and dishes it all right back.  We only see Garrett for much of the first half of the film, trapped in the turret and communicating via radio to the others.  When she spots the gremlin, she must fight back even when the others don’t believe what she’s seen. It’s at this point that the entire film simply falls apart.  Yes, you have to suspend belief, but the lengths to which writers Max Landis and Roseanne Liang expect viewers to go is simply too far.  It’s ridiculous to a point of being unbearable.  I suffered through to the end finding this to be a lesson in how not to write a script.

1 Star

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