Season 3 of “Outer Banks” starring Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, and Rudy Pankow is ready for our consumption on Netflix.  This teenage drama filled with mystery, intrigue, love, and even a treasure hunt finds a way to appeal to audiences of all ages.  In a recent interview with two of the stars, Stokes shared that “…the idea of friendship and finding your tribe…finding people who are going to be honest with you when you don’t want it and when you need it…people of all ages and all over the world could relate to that, finding that tribe… that and a treasure hunt!  Who doesn’t want to go out and explore the world and have a little risk in their life.”  This core group of young people who risk their lives to do what’s right and ultimately solve a mystery and maybe, just maybe, get rich along the way is the reason “Outer Banks” continues to entertain audiences of all ages.

Season 3 ramps things up to allow all of the young actors to shine and develop their roles.  Stokes shared that his character of John B “…is starting to realize the ramifications of the actions and the situations that he’s put everybody in and it comes to a helm.  There’s this big epiphany at the end of the second season where his dad’s alive and there’s going to be a lot of push and pull this year.  That, for him, is going to either force a lot of growth or a lot of explosions.”  Pankow said that his character of JJ may have some growth that “…he may not want.  He’s scared of growing up, scared of responsibility and that’s thrown on to him a little soon because his dad [leaves].”  

Friendship and loyalty are at the core of the series, and season 3 hones in on this with precision.  Traveling across the seas and lands most of us have only read about, we get a glimpse into their dangerous world with high risks and ultimately high reward.  There’s a certain comfortableness among the cast that allows us to believe in their friendships creating an element of authenticity that is necessary for us to buy into their crazy and preposterous adventures. Yes, there are plenty of explosions and chase scenes both of which Stokes and Pankow animatedly described their love for, but it is the emotional connection between and among these characters that hooks you.  You need to find out if they can find the cross or will Ward and Rafe be their demise?  Will Sarah and John B stay together? Will Pope be grounded for life along with Kiara?  And can the Pogues and Kooks put aside their differences and find a common ground?

All of these questions are answered in Season 3 now streaming on Netflix.

The interview with Stokes and Pankow will be available on WCIA TV Wednesday, March 1 and on Reel Talk with Chuck and Pam’s podcast, Friday, March 24.”

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