A re-imagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia’s perspective.

Chuck says: While Shakespearean scholars may object to the liberties taken here, director Claire McCarthy and writer Semi Chellas provide a new perspective to “Hamlet” that manages to explore aspects of the play that were always present but overlooked. Telling the story from the perspective of Ophelia casts all of the characters in a different light and forces us to reevaluate their roles.  To be sure, there are additions made to the story, but all of them are in keeping with similar plot points made in some of Shakespeare’s other works, maintaining the tone and intent of the Bard’s work.  Perhaps most importantly, this compliments “Hamlet” and encourages the viewer to return to it with fresh eyes. Wonderfully acted and sumptuously shot, this is destined to be one of the great, overlooked movies of 2019.

Pam says: This just might be my top film of all-time!  To take Shakespeare’s tale of betrayal, love, and murder and turn it on its tail to give it an entirely new spin is simply genius.  Seen from Ophelia’s perspective, we see another story, one with depth, creativity, and intrigue.  The complicated story remains, but characters are more interesting and well-developed as the tangled web is spun.  Daisy Ridley is extraordinary as the strong, smart,  love-interest of Hamlet’s.  Naomi Watts has an unusual role as two women, a trick Shakespeare used as well, and she relishes in each of them.  The script holds true to Shakespeare, but is written so that we can not only understand every word uttered, but wait with bated breath for the next line and reaction.  It’s incredibly powerful on every level making you reimagine this classic tale.  With exceptional performances from every actor, remarkable direction, and attention to detail in the set design, costuming, and storytelling, this film should find its way to the top of everyone’s list come award season.


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