The story of Vivian LibertoJohnny Cash‘s first wife and the mother of his four daughters.

Pam says:  While Johnny Cash’s voice was heard loud and clear over the decades, his wife, Vivian Liberto, was nothing more than a whisper in his eyes following his fame.  Always buried beneath the shadow of his more famous second wife, June Carter Cash, Vivian raised her four daughters all who recollect their mother and her experiences in different ways.  It’s a beautifully told and compelling story of life, love, and its devastating effects.  Even if you’re not a Johnny Cash fan (and I’m not), you’ll enjoy watching and hearing about a time in history that impacted women of today.


Chuck says: A heartfelt testament from four daughters to their resourceful, strong mother, this tribute to Johnny Cash’s first wife, Vivian Liberto is an effort to bring this woman out of the shadow of history as she’s often been nothing but an afterthought in The Man in Black’s biography.  Extensive archival footage, photographs and home movies bring this woman to life, as do anecdotes from her four daughters.  A moving, revelatory documentary that’s fascinating from beginning to end.

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