A single woman focused on her career in New York is forced to deal with the aftermath of a failed relationship when an ex-boyfriend hires her company.

Pam says:  Adapting a Jane Austen novel is ambitious and in this film, co-written by Jonathan Lisecki and Barbara Radecki and c0-directed by Lisecki and Alex Appel, it’s out of reach.  The artificial performances of characters who are more like caricatures certainly don’t endear us to any of them or the story.  Add in the irritating vernacular of  truncating multisyllabic words (ie: gorg for gorgeous) creates a foreign language that I’d rather not learn.

1 star

Chuck says:

This is the sort of movie that causes eyerolls a plenty and far too many groans of disapproval almost from the beginning, While the premise is fine and would be a perfect set-up for an intelligent, fun rom-com, this ain’t it. Other than Alicia Witt as the beleaguered heroine at its center, there isn’t a genuine character to be had. Surrounded by broadly played stereotypes, the film comes off as amateurish and grates rather than entertains.

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