Fascination spirals into Faustian bargain after an ambitious female film director meets-and obsesses over-a younger femme-fatale screenwriter.

Pam says:

Apple TV+ has another hit series on their hands with “Losing Alice.”  Ayelet Zurer stars as Alice, a middle-aged talented filmmaker who gave up her career to balance life and a family until one day, a chance meeting on a train introduces her to her muse, Sophie (Lihi Kornowski).  Coincidentally, Sophie’s screenplay has garnered a lot of attention and Alice’s superstar husband, David (Gal Toren) is to take on the lead role in this provocative story. Craving creativity and a way back in to her career, Alice wants to direct this piece, but the relationship between she and Sophie is an unbalanced one which leads to actions and responses that are breathtaking.

The series, created by Sigal Avin, is  wonderfully complex in story, style, and in characters.  The deeply layered roles find an intellectual and emotional reality as it addresses gender stereotypes, expectations, and aging.  The atmosphere leans toward a dark cloud about to rain heavily as it delves into these issues and the complexities of the relationships within.  With sublime performances and deft direction, this series is one that hooks you immediately as you wait with bated breath for the next episode to begin.

4 stars

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