With one of the most memorably stunning voices that has ever hit the airwaves, Linda Ronstadt burst onto the 1960s folk rock music scene in her early twenties.

Pam says:

I had forgotten how many songs this talented woman is responsible for, but what I never understood until this film is how musically cutting edge she truly was.  Her brilliance in the musical scene is equivalent to her intellect and eloquence as she boldly set out to create her own type of music and when necessary, convey her own viewpoints.  Never confined by the norms, Linda Ronstadt was one of a kind and influenced not just music of that time, but women in this arena.

The film, using interviews with those who knew her best, news clips, and footage from concerts, takes us back in time to get to know this woman from her upbringing and choices in life to her current situation of being vocally clipped due to Parkinson’s Disease.  While the film never fully delves into the latter, we get to experience her glory and accomplishments before she lost her abilities.  The film will rekindle your love of this woman, her extraordinarily clear and powerfully expressive voice, and her music and style.  She truly is one of a kind.

Chuck says:

Those familiar with Ronstadt’s career will find few surprises here as this is a solid summation of her life and career and little more. However, it proves vital as it serves as a reminder of what a force and trailblazer the singer was during her heyday, a tribute to her talent and vision.  Using a vast amount of archival footage as well new interviews with her contemporaries, the portrait that’s painted is one of respect and admiration while the film brings her music to the forefront once more, reminding us of her vocal power and eclectic songbook. Little is made of Ronstadt’s current battle with Parkinson’s Disease, though we see enough of her in newly taken footage to realize the toll it has taken on this proud, private woman.




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