Steven Soderbergh directs this film depicting a sports agent who pitches a rookie basketball client on an intriguing and controversial business opportunity during a lockout.

Pam says: I tried watching this one several times, but I never got hooked, never felt a connection to the characters or the situation at hand.  It’s a verbally fast-paced film attempting to create a delicate scenario about kids entering into the adult world of business in the sports arena.  While the characters feel real, and some of them are, and the energetic dialogue is never stilted, the story never allows us to  get to know and root for the main character.

Chuck says: Soderbergh continues his examination of the inequities in the workplace in which workers are objectified and taken advantage of by the powers-that-be (“The Girlfriend Experience,” “Magic Mike).  It’s a timely tale that strongly advocates for a more fair and equitable workplace yet it only engages in fits and starts.


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