A young Hitman who lives with his mother catches feelings for the witness of a murder he commits.

Pam says:

The premise had potential even if it’s been done many times before, but unfortunately, it just doesn’t deliver.  Daniel Zovatto portrays Joe Doyle, the son of Gloria (Cathy Moriarty), who has to continue to pay his father’s debt to a mob leader.  Job after dirty job, Joe completes them until one of those jobs leaves a witness.  As he brings home his “loose end,” Mia (Tilda Cobham-Hervey), all tied up on his bed in his mom’s house, Joe can’t bring himself to kill her because she didn’t flinch…words echoing in his memory spoken by his dearly departed father.  And this is the premise of the film, but the true focus of it is how bloody can it be? It’s a superficial story with one-dimensional characters, little story arc, and contrived situations that have little credibility. The forced dialogue and situations give this an artificial feel that never rings true.

1 star  (45 minute viewing)

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