A young British mother struggles to reclaim her life after a brutal acid attack leaves her severely scarred.

Chuck says:

Based on a true story, Sacha Polak’s film about one woman’s recovery from a horrific accident lacks the sense of urgency one would expect from a film of this sort. Recovering from an incident where her boyfriend doused her with acid, Jade (Vicky Knight) grapples with the averted glances her altered appearance causes, as well as the depression she combats because of it.

It’s a long haul that sees her dealing with ignorance at a new job she takes on in order to save money for plastic surgery, while she abandons her role as mother as she wallows in self-pity, earning her mother’s enmity.

There’s more than enough story here but the pace Polak adapts is tepid, the story not moving with any sense of urgency. That being said, Knight, in her film debut is a revelation. Having suffered severe injuries at the age  of eight when the apartment building she and her family were living in was set on fire, the actress channels her own pain, frustration and growth into the role, providing a sincere foundation that should have been built upon further.

2 1/2 Stars

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