Sienna Miller stars in this drama depicting a woman who raises her grandson after her daughter goes missing.  

Pam says:

This is an incredibly heartbreaking yet powerful story of one woman’s resiliency and growth after experiencing one of the most devastating events a parent could ever imagine; her teenage daughter goes missing.  Miller has a memorable performance supported by Christina Hendricks, Aaron Paul, and Amy Madigan.  Taking place over more than a decade, we emotionally connect with Debra (Hendricks), a flawed and realistic woman, as she goes down the wrong path and makes a few right turns along the way.  Her missing daughter and the mystery behind it haunts Debra and creates the underlying tone of the film, seamlessly stitching together the years that go by.

Chuck says:

One of the best films of the year, this modern slice-of-modern-life is propelled by a never-better Sienna Miller who proves to be her own worst enemy yet finds the wherewithal to pull her life together.  The strong cast, including Aaron Paul, Christina Hendricks and Amy Madigan, provide strong support that helps create a sense of realism where this fractured family is concerned.  A portrait of strength that eschews  melodrama at every turn, this is an exceptionally strong feature that is well-worth seeking out.


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