A pair of childhood friends end up falling for each other when they grow up.  Now available on Netflix streaming.

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Pam says: Rom-coms are making a comeback as we see in this fun, charming, and sweet story about a set of friends who drift apart only to find themselves in each others’ lives in unexpected ways.  Ali Wong and Randall Park fit together like two pieces in a puzzle with an authentic friendship and chemistry you need to have a story like this work.  They’re hilariously awkward as older teens and this backstory creates a friendship with the viewer that sticks with us as we then see them as thirty-somethings.  Park shows us he can take a lead and run with it while making us laugh along the way.  His sincerity is engaging and his humor is infectious.  I watched this film when I wasn’t having a good day and by the end, I felt like a new person!


Chuck says: An absolutely delightful throwback to the classic rom-coms of yesteryear, this film benefits greatly from the chemistry between stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as two people who have been friends from an early age but must overcome one misunderstanding after another over a great period of time before they wind up in each other’s arms.  No, there’s nothing new here plot-wise, but the gender dynamics at play are fresh and the humor is sharp and on point.  The less you know the better as there is a major plot twist that is revealed in the movie’s trailer. (Skip that at all costs!) A satisfying exercise in romantic escapism, here’s hoping Wong and Park reunite for future projects.

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